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Information on abstract submission:
  1. Upon submitting your abstract you will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail within a few minutes time. Please make sure you also check your spam box for the e-mail. In case you do not receive this confirmation e-mail, please contact to find out if your abstract has been uploaded properly.
  2. The applicant has to be the presenting author of the paper. Furthermore, the applicant is automatically considered to be also the first author of the abstract. In case there is any deviation from this, please tick the respective case below and provide the details of the first author.
  3. Please provide authors’ first names in full.
  4. Please write the abstract title in lower cases. Upper cases shall only be used for acronyms and first letter of names.
  5. Please do not start words in upper case. Upper cases shall only be used for acronyms and first letter of names.
  6. Only standard English characters shall be used.
  7. Authors’ institutions shall always be listed with the proper English translation of the institution.
  8. Maximum word count for abstracts is 250.
  9. Closing date for submission is 01 December 2017.
    The notification about the acceptance of the application will be sent to authors by 15 January 2018.
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Submission type

Research based abstract: Abstract should be formally structured into: Introduction/Aims; Methods; Results; Conclusions.
Practice based abstract: A more descriptive account of how infection control practitioners or teams tackled a specific infection control challenge or brought about improvement in the prevention or control of healthcare associated infections in their institution or country. Abstracts should be formally structured into: Introduction/Aims; Interventions; Results; Conclusions.
 Research based
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